What are provably fair games?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What are provably fair?

Provably fair is a tool that uses an cryptographic hash to allow players in online casinos to verify each result and to ensure that the casino is not cheating.

What are provably fair games?

Provably fair games ( Fairness) is crypto games, uses a provably fair system that allows players to check the integrity of every bet (rolls, spins, etc) and confirm they have not been manipulated.

How does provably fair work?

Random numbers is hashed uses SHA256 algorithm and shown before the game begins. This ensures that the bet result cannot be modified during the game.

SHA - 256: a cryptographic hash function. SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm

Example: For incryptogames.com the SHA265 function is c187955643e8b26e448c797b79f67ee9bfcc137c052d9057b12f8f70886a80f1

Even if only one symbol is changed the algorithm will produce different hash value.

Example: For inCryptogames.com the SHA265 function is 6bf4f6c4229a9e08e8a5e33f192c4f1eb688c98a18c774a6b3b92c6d7e6a872f

Each casino game has a different algorithm for calculating its fairness. But, everyone uses the following variables: serverseed, clientseed and a nonce.

Serverseed - This seed is unique and generated randomly by the server by the gambling site.

Clientseed - This seed is chosen by the client (yourself) and can be modified at any time by accessing your Provably Fair Settings.

Nonce - A number that increases with each bet you make.

The way this happens is:

The serverseed is hashed and shown before the game begins. This nsures that the bet result cannot be modified during the game. Serverseed is generated before Client Seed, ensuring that it is impossible to generate a Server Seed in favor of gambling site.

The player adds a Clientseed and bet plays.

At any particular moment current Server Seed is hidden from the user in order to prevent the result prediction. After bet, the service operator reveals the original seed and the player can then verify it with the hash.

How to verify?

In order to verify the generated bet results:

1. You must make sure the hashed serverseed you got, is really the hash of the unhashed serverseed.

2. You must calculate each bet result yourself and compare them to the rolls you made on the website use verifier.

You can calculate and verify the bet results by using Provably fair verifier of gambling sites. Alternatively you can calculate the bet results by using an external third-party verifier.

If there was any interference in the game or any error in the payout, the hash will not be verified.

Random Number Generator (RNG) on Blockchain Games

If a casino game is blockchain-based, all transactions are executed through smart contracts. When a player triggers the Smart Contract, the contract will generate a random SHA-256 hash. That code along with any transactions carried out on the blockchain can be publicly audited.

Recommendations for players:

1. Change Client Seed when you start playing at website.

2. Copy and keep separately Server Seed hash and Client Seed.

3. Don’t use one Server Seed for too many bets. Change Server Seed every once in a while and verify your bets (at least a few of them).

4. After every randomization of Server Seed also randomize (change) Client Seed.

5. When manually creating Client Seed do not use simple, easily predictable words. It is better to generate it with cryptographic random number generator, by clicking Refresh button at Fairness tab.

Provably fair is today the only way ensure true fairness and trust making it impossible to manipulate bets and outcomes. As a player of provably fair games you have complete power over your gambling experience, and can be assured there is true randomness when you play this games.

You can see my Top list Provably Fair Casino here.

Good Luck

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