How to Earn TRX Tron Cryptocurrency at Wink Casino

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Wink casino share profits from all games with both investors and gamblers every day. This is a great opportunity to earn TRX, BTT and USDT cryptocurrencies. As Investor you can buy Win tokens, become holder and start receiving dividends.. As Gambler you will be to gain DropTokens no matter if win or lose. It is possible with Wink Drops program! Lets see how it work.. In a previous article, I said that Wink casino includes 4 sections: Egaming, Live, Poker and Sport. Each section pays a definite percentage of profit to the WIN pool.

DICE section pays 35% (dicedrop) LIVE section pays 34% (livedrop) RAKE section pays 40% (rakedrop)

During a 24 hour period gain is accumulates and then distributes the total amount to its frozen token holders. The pool is allocated 65/35: 65% to Holders and 35% to development team.

So, if you want constantly receive share of Wink casino, you need buy WIN token and freezing it under the WINdrops section. Profit paid once a day in TRX, BTT and USDT. You can unfrozen your Win tokens at any time. It takes 48 hours.

(Minimum 100 WIN to freeze or unfreeze.) WINk also has sub tokens for each section: Dice, Live and Rake, which you can get by playing various games. This tokens you can also freeze to earn an share of Wink profit.

Earned SubTokens are locked in a smart contract. You need to withdraw the Tokens to their own wallet and then frozen. This is done it under the DICEdrops, LIVEdrops and RakeDrops sections. Profit paid twice a day in TRX, BTT and USDT. You can unfrozen your Dice, Live and Rake tokens at any time. Unfreezing requires 24 hours. But they not tradeable at moment, so, i recomended hold it in frozen and continue to earn from Drops.

As you can see, Wink Casino gives an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency in both in a gambling and in passive income. Play at Wink ( and Stake) to Earn cryptocurrency. ( +18 Play responsibly.) Join My Private Channel with my Big Wins. ( Only my Gamble experience) Good Luck! Crypto Gamer PS: Announcement on WINk’s halt to airdrops targeting TRX holders.

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